Amir Mousawi
Architect BSc(Hons) MArch Dip(Arch) RIBA ARB
As a British-Iraqi Architect Amir has a deep understanding of the importance of culture and place, which is integral to every project at AMBS. Amir has been involved in every stage of the architectural process. He applies his thorough design practice to create intuitive, innovative buildings of the highest quality, that seamlessly integrate form and function to meet the user needs.

The practice is highly influenced by his skill in generative parametric design, 3D modelling, and visualisation.
He is also committed to intelligent/sustainable design, and leads the research and development team who have been focusing on adapting new technologies to meet the specific requirements of Iraq.

Amir worked with a number of established architectural practices in London, before taking a position as a project architect in northern Iraq. He was born in the UK and studied his masters and undergraduate at the University of Bath, with a year spent at Hong Kong University .