Ali Mousawi
Founder and Executive Director
Architect Iraq
Ali Mousawi, founder and executive director of AMBS is renowned for his outstanding design and architectural experience, spanning a period of four decades. Honesty, hard work, creativity and an art of order are the essence of his unique approach and underpin his leading school of thought. His designs combine artistry and economy with a particular responsiveness to the clients program and the building requirements. For the first 20 years of his architectural career, Ali Mousawi designed for both the public and private sectors.

Over the years Ali has won numerous open and closed competitions across all building sectors;from private villas to public housing schemes, university campus, commercial centres, religious buildings, museums, palace complexes, schools, hospitals, theatres and concert halls in addition to urban design and planning projects.

Ali's refined approach draws from Iraq's rich heritage and Islamic architecture in a complex synthesis with cutting edge technology. Ali was born in Baghdad in 1947 and is dedication to the future of Iraq. His in-depth cultural understanding, attention to detail, and quality of service, has helped foster loyal, long-lasting professional relationships.