AMBS Architects is an international Architecture practice, operating across the UK, Iraq, and Morocco. Founded by distinguished Iraqi Architect Ali Mousawi in the early 1970s, the practice expanded to London with Co-Directors Amir Mousawi, Marcos De Andres, and Reda Zakaria.

Supported by a highly skilled team of Architects, designers, and engineers, AMBS Architects undertakes a diverse array of projects, spanning various scales and complexities.

From private residences to urban masterplans, our commitment to seamless service reflects our core values:


Every project embodies thoughtful action, conscientious deliberation, engagement, analysis, and interpretation. We merge technology and cultural heritage to craft architectural buildings that positively impact users’ lives.


As a design-focused practice, we relentlessly pursue the highest standards, coupling design excellence with a keen understanding of our clients’ economic requirements.


We advocate for buildings that transcend temporal boundaries, engaging with users across generations, rather than being fleeting fashion statements.


Our sustainable solutions merge cutting-edge technologies with locally and historically relevant techniques. Whether at the macro or micro scale, our approach integrates solutions tailored to the environment, ensuring relevance for both present and future contexts.

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