Basra Governorate HQ


Basra, Iraq


Basra Governorate

Project Size:

40,000 sqm



The Basra Governorate building unites modernity and tradition in a single form by marrying cultural heritage with advanced technology. It is inspired by the rich history of the region; the local vernacular buildings that exist alongside the busy trading port and oil fields.

The woven skin of the cladding resembles the local date palm tree leaves and are assembled using the same ancient techniques used for the reed huts of the marshes and water flows around the ground floor and main atrium enclosing the structure.

Fundamental Islamic geometries define the iconic cube form of the Governorate and the bronze finish is harmonious with the surroundings. In contrast the exposed steel structure that supports the glass curtain wall alludes to the vast oil rigs. The Governorate is envisioned as a beacon to the world and a symbol for the Iraqi people.