Greswell St


London, UK



Project Size:




Located on the famous Alphabet streets in Fulham, this semi detached property was in need of a full refurbishment with extensions for the young family who had just bought the place months before the start of the Pandemic.

Uncertain of what they wanted, we assisted in developing a brief that met their exact requirements. Embracing the idea to create a series of interconnected spaces, rather than disconnected rooms, we were able to make the home feel truly expansive. To maximise the amount of gross internal area, we completely demolished the rear outrigger structure, and rebuilt it with a pod extension at the top so that it was nearly 1m wider along the entire length for both levels.

In addition, we pushed out at the rear of both ground and first floor level. Extending sideways at ground floor to the party-wall line, we brought in as much north facing diffuse light as possible with a feature glazed roof and birch clad structural fins. In total adding close to 50sqm of internal area, and reprograming the spaces to meet their exact needs, we have delivered a bright, airy, and unique home in this part of Fulham.