Metro Baghdad


Baghdad, Iraq


Baghdad Metro

Project Size:

13 stations



Ali Mousawi & Partners were entrusted as the principal architects for the comprehensive design of 13 metro stations slated for construction in Baghdad. The strategically positioned stations are focal points along the proposed two main metro lines, running in the North/South and East/West directions.

The architectural approach seamlessly integrates various themes inspired by Islamic historical periods and styles, incorporating elements from the Sumerian and Abbassid eras. Additionally, the design draws inspiration from renowned artistic works familiar to Iraqis, notably those of the 13th Century illustrator Al Wasit, celebrated for his depictions of Old Baghdad.

In a masterful synthesis of history and modernity, the design skillfully adapts these diverse themes to meet contemporary needs. Special attention is given to accommodating the swift pace of metro travel, ensuring efficiency, environmental considerations, and practical functionality are all integral aspects of the overall design. This ambitious project thus harmoniously weaves together the rich tapestry of Iraq’s cultural and artistic heritage with the demands of a rapidly advancing urban infrastructure.