Baghdad, Iraq



Project Size:

1,200 sqm



This private residence exemplifies the ingenuity of Ali Mousawi, showcasing one among the myriad homes he meticulously designed and completed in the 1980s. His architectural prowess extends beyond mere construction; each dwelling is a personalized masterpiece, artfully crafted to cater to the individual tastes and specific needs of its occupants.

In the case of this particular villa, it serves as a distinctive embodiment of Mousawi’s post-modernist philosophy. This architectural venture transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending modern design principles with a nuanced appreciation for historical contexts. The design vernacular employed here draws inspiration from the Abbasid period in Iraq, a time marked by its opulent architectural expressions.

Noteworthy in the villa’s design are the ornate arches and the interlacing of vertical spandrels, elements that echo the grandeur of the Abbasid era. These architectural features are not mere embellishments but deliberate nods to the rich cultural heritage of Iraq. By skillfully intertwining these historical influences with a contemporary design ethos, Mousawi transforms each residence into a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity.

In essence, this private villa becomes a canvas where the architect’s vision converges with the unique aspirations of its occupants. Mousawi’s commitment to creating homes that transcend mere functionality is evident, as each space becomes a reflection of the client’s lifestyle, embodying a timeless blend of historical richness and modern sophistication.