Kossuth Square


Budapest, Hungary


Project Size:


Winner of international competition

AMBS is among the winners of the Prestigious International Competition to re-clad the prominent Chamber of Commerce in BUDAPEST PARLIAMENT SQUARE.

The Office of the Hungarian Parliament launched an international design competition to regenerate 6-8 Kossuth Square, opposite the historic Hungarian Parliament.

The original building was devised with symmetry in mind, however it only existed on the drawing board and only one of the two halves was realized. Its “reflection “ instead it fell victim to a Modernist design insensitive to its preservation.

Our approach acknowledges that Bilateral Symmetry is not easily broken. It is embedded in us and it is so strong that it cannot be dismissed, so much so that its weight becomes real, just as a phantom limb does. The absence of that missing half is painful.

The urban context of the building is essential to the design. We don’t want to erase the past, instead we want to reveal the sites rich layers of history; the ghost limb of what should have been, and the structure that took its place.