Newick Rd





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Nestled within charming Clapton, this project at Newick Rd beautifully blends rustic aesthetics with modern ingenuity.

The brief, to extend the kitchen to the side and rear, whilst creating a new independent basement apartment, involved careful planning to avoid onlooking, and provide sufficient natural light and ventilation.

The house boasts a clever design that maximizes space and functionality, featuring elegant wooden patio doors and reclaimed bricks.

The interior pays homage to its rustic roots while introducing modern touches, with the use of stone flooring, and sealed plaster walls, the result of which is a warm inviting space.

Our clients consideration for their neighbours meant dropping the façade and creating a setback along the partywall line, which was used to integrate the sustainable drainage strategy with the creation of a water butt built into the façade.

Newick road is a great example of how architectural innovation can breathe new life into a rustic setting.