Richmond Park


Richmond, London



Project Size:

195 sqm



Situated on the edge of Richmond park, this property was the dream house for our clients who had just purchased prior to the commencement of the lockdown. With their first child on the way, we were tasked with turning their aspirations into a reality, and with that, the responsibility of managing it within a firm timeframe and budget during a complex period.

They embraced the idea of an open plan, and wanted the space to feel as expansive as possible. Using the natural orientation, we brought in as much north facing natural light as possible, and turned the disconnected and divided spaces into a unfirm whole.

Transitional spaces are now defined through furniture, light and changes in levels. The clients opted to completely open up the space from the entrance all the way through to the garden, and with careful attention to details, we were able to gain as much height as possible, whilst conforming to the conservation area guidelines. Overall, a wonderfully large an light home has been
created for our clients to grow their young family in.