State Mosque competition


Baghdad, Iraq


Municipality of Baghdad

Project Size:

40,000 prayers



Ali Mousawi embarked on a collaborative venture with the renowned postmodern Architect Robert Venturi to craft the architectural vision for the National Mosque of Iraq in the vibrant city of Baghdad. This dynamic partnership brought forth a design that intricately wove together historical influences and modern sensibilities.

The architectural synthesis achieved by Mousawi and Venturi is a testament to their creative synergy. By infusing the design with the timeless simplicity observed in the Abbassid Mosque, the architects paid homage to a rich heritage while simultaneously embracing the strength and grandeur inherent in ancient Mesopotamian architecture. This delicate balance between tradition and innovation resulted in a design that transcends temporal boundaries.

The National Mosque emerges as a contemporary masterpiece, where the echoes of history coalesce with cuttingedge design principles. The simplicity of the Abbassid Mosque serves as a foundation, providing a sense of continuity and cultural rootedness, while the incorporation of ancient Mesopotamian architectural elements adds a robust and enduring quality